To report a crossing problem or RAILROAD EMERGENCY, please call toll free: 888-783-4316

Mass Coastal Railroad

mass-coastal-logoFrom the food on our tables to the cars we drive to the shoes on our children’s feet, freight  railroads carry the things America depends on. America’s railroads account for 40 percent of intercity freight volume— more than any other mode of transportation — and provide the most efficient and affordable freight service in the world. Every year, America’s freight railroads save consumers billions of dollars while reducing energy consumption and pollution, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, cutting highway gridlock, and reducing the high costs of highway construction and maintenance. In addition, America’s freight railroads sustain 1.2 million jobs, including more than 175,000 well-paying jobs in the freight rail industry itself.




  • Warehouse
  • Ports
  • Transloads
  • Sites
  • Build-to-suite
  • Construction
  • 3pl Services
  • MCRR Tariff
  • Fuel Surcharge

Traffic Handled

  • Chemicals to Borden Remington –Ammonia, Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite, Ferric Chloride
  • Municipal Solid Waste- Captive move on the MC
  • Paper to Quad Graphics
  • Flour to Gold Medal (white and whole wheat)
  • Feed Ingredients-Corn, Beet Pulp, Canola, Soy Meal
  • Road Salt from ARS
  • Climate Controlled Traffic-Frozen Seafood in and outbound
  • Recycled Glass Cullet
  • Scrap-overhead move from Bay Colony
  • PCB Spoils from New Bedford Harbor


Main Telephone: 508-291-2116
Customer Service: 508-291-0685
After-Hours Emergency: 401-864-9009

Mailing Address:
3065 Cranberry Highway
E. Wareham, Massachusetts 02538